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TOP 10 Zombie Games to Look Out For in 2023

TOP 10 Zombie Games to Look Out For in 2023 With the growing popularity of zombie games over the past decade, it’s no surprise that 2023 is set to be a great year for these horror-filled titles. From first-person shooters to RPG’s, this list will take a look at some of the most anticipated zombie games releasing in 2023. Whether you’re looking for a blood-soaked adventure or an eerie tale, these top 10 titles are sure to satisfy your need for a good zombie fix.

Zombie Games in 2023

Zombie games are continuing to evolve, and 2023 is set to be a big year for the genre. There are several upcoming titles that fans of the undead should keep an eye out for.

One game to look forward to in 2023 is The Walking Dead: Season 10. This highly anticipated sequel will feature more intense combat and new characters as players traverse across post-apocalyptic America. Players can expect improved graphics, an even more immersive storyline, as well as a variety of weapons and gadgets at their disposal in order to survive against hordes of zombies.

Another interesting title coming out in 2023 is Left 4 Dead 3. This third installment promises to be bigger and better than ever before with its expansive open world featuring both day and night cycles, allowing you to explore different locations filled with countless amounts of zombie enemies waiting for you around every corner. On top of that, there will also be a range of customization options so that players can have their own unique gaming experience within this universe.

1) Call of Duty: Zombies

Call of Duty: Zombies is a popular game series that’s been around since 2008, when the first installment was released on the Xbox 360. The game has evolved over time to include multiple zombie maps and various ways to play with friends. In 2020, the mobile version of Call of Duty: Zombies was released which allows players to play on-the-go. It features classic characters such as Tank Dempsey and Takeo Masaki as well as new ones like Edward Richtofen and Samantha Maxis.

Players are tasked with surviving against waves of zombies while completing objectives like building barriers or activating special weapons. By playing through each map, players can unlock new features such as special perks and power-ups for their avatar. With its intense action and ever changing maps, Call of Duty: Zombies will be one of the premier zombie games to look out for in 2023. It’s sure to provide plenty of thrills for zombie fans everywhere!

2) Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 8 is the highly anticipated eighth installment in the Resident Evil series, set to be released sometime in 2023. The game will feature a new protagonist and an all-new cast of characters as they battle against a wide range of zombies and other mutated monsters throughout a unique environment. Players can look forward to playing through diverse levels with various objectives, often involving rescuing civilians or eliminating particular targets. With its intense action-packed gameplay and horror elements, Resident Evil 8 promises to be one of the most exciting zombie games of 2023.

The game is expected to bring back some classic features such as puzzles, inventory management, and creative weapons while introducing new ones like guided missile launchers that allow players to take out multiple enemies at once. The developers have also promised more advanced AI for enemies along with challenging boss battles that will make the game even more thrilling than ever before. Additionally, it has been hinted that there may be some multiplayer content including co-op modes which could add an extra layer of excitement for fans looking for more cooperative experiences when playing zombie games.

3) Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is an upcoming open-world action role-playing zombie game, developed by Techland and published by Techland Publishing. It is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Dying Light, released in 2015. The game features a large open world with numerous activities for players to explore and engage in.

These include traversing across rooftops, scavenging for resources and equipment, engaging in dynamic combat against zombies, human enemies and wildlife, as well as completing story missions and side quests. Players will also be able to customize their character’s attributes through a variety of skills such as parkour abilities or weapon proficiency.

Additionally, the game will feature an interconnected story system that will allow players choices to influence the outcome of events in the world they inhabit. With its unique combination of parkour based movement and satisfying combat mechanics combined with a realistic day/night cycle that affects how you traverse through its vast world; Dying Light 2 promises to provide hours of entertainment when it releases later this year.

4) State of Decay 3

State of Decay 3 is the highly anticipated third installment in the State of Decay franchise. It will be an open world survival horror game developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios. The game is set in the near future, where a mysterious plague has spread throughout the world, causing humanity to fight for its very existence.

Players will assume control of a group of survivors who must scavenge resources, build bases, and fight off hordes of zombies all while struggling to survive. State of Decay 3 will also feature innovative gameplay mechanics such as dynamic NPC interactions and base building, as well as thrilling co-op play with up to four players. There’s no release date yet for this zombie apocalypse title but it’s one that fans are eagerly awaiting with bated breath!

5) Days Gone

Days Gone, developed by Sony Bend Studio, is an action-adventure survival horror game released in 2019. It follows biker Deacon St. John as he navigates a post-apocalyptic world filled with Freakers, the game’s zombie-like monsters. Players must scavenge for resources and fight their way through hordes of Freakers while exploring the open world map. The game also features numerous side quests and engaging story missions as players make their way through the ruined landscape of Oregon.

Players have to be strategic when fighting against the Freakers since they can often outnumber them and overwhelm their defenses. Additionally, many weapons are available to craft or purchase from vendors in order to survive against these relentless foes. Days Gone encourages players to think strategically about how they traverse its harsh environment in order to survive against both the living dead and human enemies alike.

6) World War Z

World War Z is an upcoming zombie-based shooter game by Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive. It takes place in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, as players take on hordes of zombies in four different cities around the world. It features a unique “Swarm Engine” that allows for up to 500 zombies onscreen at once, giving it an intense atmosphere like no other game currently out there.

Players can choose from six character classes– Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Fixer, Slasher, Medic and Exterminator– which each have their own unique abilities and weapons. The game also contains missions with cooperative mode up to 4 players online. In addition to its great graphics and immersive setting, World War Z also introduces a new system called “Mutations” that adds extra challenge to the mission by introducing special modifiers such as increased enemy health or reduced ammo capacity.

7) Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a survival horror game set in the post-apocalyptic world of Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. Players take on the role of one of four survivors and make their way through Washington D.C. as they fight against hordes of zombies, other survivors, and other threats to survive.

The game has an emphasis on cooperative play, with players able to team up with each other and use tactics such as barricading doors or flanking enemies from different positions in order to survive. Additionally, players can customize their survivor’s weapons, armor, abilities and upgrades as they progress through the game.

There are also large areas for exploration that offer plenty of loot for those brave enough to venture out into them. Finally, Overkill’s The Walking Dead features intense combat sequences that have been praised by many reviewers for capturing the excitement of zombie battles perfectly.

8) The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II is an upcoming action-adventure horror game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is the sequel to The Last of Us, a critically acclaimed 2013 title that won countless awards. Set five years after the original game, the player takes on the role of Ellie who must confront a violent group in post-apocalyptic America.

The game features improved stealth mechanics and incorporates elements such as weapon crafting, scavenging resources, exploration, and puzzle solving. Additionally, players will experience an emotional story filled with intense moments as they explore familiar locations from the first game while encountering brand new characters.

9) Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is an upcoming zombie game that promises to continue the story of the original series. Developed by Dambuster Studios, Dead Island 2 takes place in California, a few years after the events of its predecessor. Players will have to battle their way through hordes of zombies in an effort to survive and save humanity from a new outbreak.

The game features four playable characters who each have unique abilities and weapons to help them fight off hordes of undead monsters. In addition, players can customize their characters with new outfits and upgrades as they progress through the story. The game also has co-op mode for up to 4 players, allowing friends or family members to join forces in order fight against the zombie menace together.

10) The Prey of the Gods

The Prey of the Gods is an upcoming zombie game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must survive amidst hordes of ravenous undead. In this game, players will take control of mythological gods, who have been forced to fight for survival against the dead.

Players can customize their gods to fit their own unique play styles, and each god will possess special abilities that can be used to battle against the zombie hordes. The Prey of the Gods also features a deep single-player story mode, as well as co-operative and PvP multiplayer modes.


In conclusion, the zombie genre has been a staple in gaming for many years – providing gamers with an exciting, action-packed and thrilling experience. 2023 is set to bring some of the most anticipated zombie titles to date.

Players can expect a variety of games to choose from that offer something for everyone; from open world exploration and intense close-quarters combat, to tactical strategy and post-apocalyptic survival. No matter what type of game you’re looking for, there’s sure to be something on this list that appeals to you. With so many upcoming zombie titles set for 2023, it’s safe to say that fans of the genre have plenty to look forward to in the coming year!

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