Coin Master Cards: How to Get It?

With mobile gaming turning super-popular, Coin Master, a mobile adventure game, has made it to the smartphones of every mobile gamer. With its unique blend of village building, spinning wheels, and card collecting mechanism, the game has developed a strong community of gamers. While the game is loaded with features and in-game items, one of the most exciting aspects of the game is completing card sets, which grants you huge rewards and boosts your progress.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular Coin Master free cards and squeeze out some clever tricks to get free cards and dominate the game.

Popular Coin Master Cards 

Coin Master showers you with several sorts of cards. However, certain cards are more valuable than others owing to their scarcity, worth, and the benefits they provide. While certain cards may be more difficult to get, there are a few popular Coin Master free cards that players commonly seek to level up their game. So, let’s look at some of the most popular free cards and how you may get them without spending a single penny from your pocket. 

The Bling Bling Card 

The Bling Bling card is a highly craved gold card in Coin Master that is part of the “Plants” card set. With a rating of 5 stars, it significantly improves your card collection. You can grab this card in Village 32, “Thailand ” and the best part is you don’t have to spend a single penny to get this card. You can participate in gold card swap events or replace it in your set with a Joker card.

Last Chest Card 

The Last Chest Card is one of the most popular gold cards. It is a 5-star card and is part of the “Items” card set “Hawaii,” which is readily available in Village 7. This card can be got as well without the use of real money. Participate in gold card exchange events or finish your collection for free by using a Joker card.

The Fire Bird Card

The Fire Bird is yet another crazy gold card from the “Creatures” card set. It adds a pinch of worth to your collection with a 5-star rating. The Fire Bird might be unlocked in Village 29, also known as the “Magical Forest.” Like other gold cards, the Fire Bird may be collected without spending money. You Can take part in gold card trading events or use a joker card to get it for free.

The First Prize Card

In Coin Master, the First Prize Card is a highly sought-after card with great value and perks for players. The First Prize card is a rare card with a star value of 4 that is part of the “Sports” card set. Completing this set and collecting the First Prize card offers a variety of bonuses and might be a game changer in your Coin Master adventure.

Coin Master Cards

Tricks To Get Coin Master Cards 

No matter whether you are a new player or a seasoned one, there will be tons of moments when you will face difficulties getting hands-on Coin Master cards. However, we have a bucket full of tactics and tricks to grab free coin master cards without spending any money or much time. 

Let’s look at some tips for increasing your chances of getting free cards:

Trade within Coin Master Communities 

Joining the active Coin Master community on Facebook or other social platforms presents a wonderful chance to exchange cards with other players. So, you can hunt and jump into specialized trade groups where members may freely exchange cards. When trading with unknown players, remember to be courteous and careful.

Complete Daily Missions and Events

Participate in Coin Master’s daily missions and events since they frequently reward you with free cards as incentives. To grab a decent number of coin master free cards, make sure to maintain consistency in your participation in these activities. 

Participate in Trading Events

Coin Master often hosts gold card trading events where you can swap a bunch of cards, such as the popular ones mentioned above. Keep an eye on these events and use them to get the cards you need without having to pay real cash.

Collect Daily Rewards

Visit the game’s official Facebook page on a daily basis to obtain daily incentives, which frequently include Coin Master free spins, coins, and cards. These bonuses can dramatically increase your card collection.

Join Active Communities

Engage in active Coin Master communities and groups to connect with other players who are eager to trade or supply cards. Staying active in these communities will help you discover the cards you need.

Make Smart Decisions 

When trading cards, be smart and prioritize the cards you need the most. Before making deals, consider the rarity and worth of the cards to ensure you’re not giving up valuable cards unnecessarily.


1. Can you buy gold cards for Coin Master?

Ans: You can trade Gold cards with your friends and in facebook groups. You can receive and send these cards during event only.

2. Can i get card from the Coin Master tournaments?

Ans: Not everytime. First, you need to win the tournament and after that they will give you winning reward you can check if there is any card for you.


Completing card sets and getting popular free cards in Coin Master may greatly enhance your gaming experience and drive your progress in the game. You can grab these popular Coin Master free cards without paying real money by using the tactics outlined above, such as trading with the community, engaging in trade events, and earning daily prizes. Keep your approach constant and strategic, and you’ll soon be well on your way to being a Coin Master with an outstanding card collection at your disposal. 

So, are you ready to grab free coin master cards and play it big? 

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