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How to give money in Midnight Racing Tokyo

Midnight Racing Tokyo is an exciting and thrilling experience for car lovers and racing fans alike, but it can also be a costly affair. If you’re looking to give money as a gift for someone participating in Midnight Racing Tokyo, there are some helpful tips to keep in mind. In this article, we’ll explore how to give money in Midnight Racing Tokyo.

Midnight Racing Tokyo

Midnight Racing Tokyo is a great racing game that takes players on a thrilling ride through the bustling streets of Tokyo. In this game, you’ll get behind the wheel of high-performance cars and compete in intense street races against other skilled drivers. The game features stunning graphics, realistic car physics, and a variety of challenging race courses to test your skills.

Whether you’re a racing game enthusiast or just looking for a fun and exciting game to play, “Midnight Racing Tokyo” is sure to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. Get ready to rev your engines and hit the streets of Tokyo in this exciting new racing game!

How to Give Money in midnight racing tokyo(Step by Step)

1. When looking to give money in Midnight Racing Tokyo, make sure you have the correct currency on hand. Japanese Yen is required for all transactions Midnight Racing Tokyo.

2. Midnight Racing Tokyo has a command called “Give/playername/amount” that allows players to transfer money to other players in the game.

3. The maximum amount that can be transferred is 1 million yen.

4. To use this command, the player must have achieved at least 100 laps.

5. This feature is a way for players to show their appreciation to each other through monetary gifts.

How to give money in Midnight Racing Tokyo

Midnight Racing Tokyo Gameplay: Customization, Race Types

Customization in Midnight Racing Tokyo is extensive. Players can customize their vehicles to suit their individual tastes and driving style, from chassis modifications to color schemes. Players can choose from a variety of race types, including drifting, drag racing, circuit racing and more. Whether you prefer technical tracks or wild stunt-filled courses, there’s something for everyone. Cars can be tuned with aftermarket parts like specialized engines and tires for higher performance. Special customization options like spoilers, decals and paint jobs add an extra layer of personalization to each vehicle.

The race types are varied in Midnight Racing Tokyo as well. From standard circuit races to high octane drift races on winding mountain roads, players can find the type of course that best suits them. There are even crazy stunt events such as leaping over buildings or navigating narrow alleyways at full speed! Races come complete with leaderboards so players can compete against friends online or practice against AI opponents offline. With the range of customizations available and the array of different race types, Midnight Racing Tokyo provides endless possibilities for racers to show off their skills behind the wheel!


Midnight Racing Tokyo is a fast-paced racing game that rewards players for their speed and skill. The game has multiple modes, including single-player, time trials, and online play. It is a must-have for gamers who are looking for a fast-paced racing game with great visuals and sound design. With its challenging levels of competition, Midnight Racing Tokyo offers plenty of replay value and hours of entertainment. The gameplay is intuitive and easy to learn too, making it suitable for all levels of players.

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