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All Shenron Wishes in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a wildly popular video game that allows fans to create their own custom characters and explore the world of Dragon Ball. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the ability to make all seven wishes from Shenron, the magical dragon who grants wishes for those who gather the seven dragon balls. In this article, we will take a look at all seven Shenron wishes in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and what benefits they provide.

All Shenron Wishes in Xenoverse 2

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, players can summon Shenron by collecting the seven Dragon Balls scattered throughout the game. Once summoned, Shenron will grant players one of several wishes that they can choose from. Here are all shenron whishes for the players.

1) I want to become a Super Saiyan God!

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, one of the most coveted wishes that players can ask Shenron for is to become a Super Saiyan God. In order to make this wish come true, players must first collect all five “Super Saiyan God” super souls from various parallel quests.

Once all five super souls have been collected, players can then use them to create a custom character with the Super Saiyan God transformation as their ultimate form. This form not only grants immense power but also changes the physical appearance of your character with red hair and aura.

2) I want money!

With this wish, players can receive a substantial amount of Zeni, the game’s currency, to purchase various items and equipment for their characters. However, it is important to note that the amount of Zeni received depends on the player’s level and progress in the game.

3) I want Dress up!

This wish will give you access to a variety of different outfit pieces that you can mix and match to create your own unique look. The outfit pieces that you receive from this wish include items like shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories like hats and glasses. You’ll also get some items with special effects like the “Majin Mark” which gives your character a pink aura.

All Shenron Wishes in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

4) I want to get Stronger!

If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and are looking to get stronger, then there’s no better way than to make use of the Shenron Wishes. With these wishes, you can boost your character’s abilities and power significantly.

5) I want a second chance at life!

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, one of the wishes that can be granted by Shenron is “I want a second chance at life!” This wish allows players to reset their character’s stats and skills, essentially giving them a fresh start in the game. It’s an incredibly useful wish for players who may have made mistakes early on in their character’s development or simply want to try out a different playstyle.

6) I want medals!

Medals are a form of currency used in the game to purchase various items and equipment from the in-game shop. There are different types of medals, such as TP Medals, which can be earned by completing online missions or participating in events, and Zeni Medals, which can be obtained by selling unwanted items.

7) I want to be Drop-dead gorgeous!

Upon making this wish, your character’s appearance will change dramatically. Your hair will grow longer and become more voluminous, while your eyes will appear brighter and more alluring. Your skin will become flawless and radiant, while your body shape will become more hourglass-like with curves in all the right places.

8) I want a full stomach!

If you’re playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and find yourself in desperate need of a full stomach, then Shenron has got your back. The legendary dragon grants players the ability to restore their health to full capacity, which can be particularly useful during long battles or challenging missions.

Overall, there are many different shenron wishes that players can make in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Each wish provides unique benefits that can help improve a player’s gaming experience and progress through the game’s story mode or parallel quests. With careful consideration of each wish option and proper planning, players can make the most of their time with this beloved franchise title.

Final Thoughts

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Shenron is a magical dragon who has the power to grant wishes. However, unlocking his full potential can be quite challenging. To unlock Shenron’s power and make your wishes come true, you need to collect all seven dragon balls scattered throughout the game. Once you have all seven of them, summoning Shenron becomes possible.

When you finally summon him, you’ll be given a list of shenron wishes to choose from. The wishes range from obtaining rare items to resetting your character’s skill points or even unlocking new characters in the game. It’s important to note that some of these shenron wishes can only be unlocked after certain conditions are met.

Overall, unlocking Shenron’s power is no easy feat in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. But with determination and patience, players can access some of the most coveted rewards in the game through his powerful wish-granting abilities. So keep collecting those dragon balls and remember that with great power comes great responsibility!

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