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Is it just me, or lately it doesn’t seem like Game Pass is a very good deal?

A nice PSA from someone who recently discovered he still had an active Crunchyroll membership despite not watching anime in months: If you aren’t using it, cancel it! PC Game Pass is still a fantastic offer at $10 per month for the right individual.

say, perhaps today? If you’re not enjoying playing through all eight Yakuza titles, you should reevaluate your need for a Game Pass subscription. Recently, Microsoft hasn’t exactly been on fire: The most recent significant addition to the service is Redfall, a terrible co-op shooter.

I’m confident that a group of dedicated Discord pals can find some enjoyment in Arkane’s co-op shooter, and there’s some intrinsic fun in finding out what all the hoopla is about, whether it’s positive or negative. But I’ll offer an alternative: You could be playing a good game like Deceive Inc, which is $16 on Steam, instead of a horrible game just because it’s there. Our top-reviewed games over the past several weeks include that one as well as Age of Wonders 4, Stranded: Alien Dawn, The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story, and Wartales, none of which are available on Game Pass.

Since Starfield won’t be released until September, you may skip May, June, July, and August if you were going to play it on Game Pass and save $40 when you decide to resubscribe for Todd Howard’s space odyssey. You could use that $40 to purchase a fun new Sherlock Holmes game.

Instead of creating a problem for yourself later on when you realize that playing Starfield on Game Pass cost you more money than buying it would have, you might instead use that money to buy the game itself. Don’t anticipate Game Pass to remain $10 per month indefinitely. Starfield may be a flop, but if it’s anything like Skyrim, people will be playing and modifying it for the next decade and on.

More than a few Game Pass subscribers probably already have this issue. Stardew Valley is one of the most popular PC games on Game Pass, and I’m concerned that some users are paying $10 per month to invest 2,000 hours in a $15 game without ever playing anything else in the library. Sweet farmers, resist the urge!

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, typically responds in a similar manner when asked about subscriptions during investor calls: “Games aren’t consumed like movies and TV shows, so I don’t see things like Game Pass replacing direct sales as the main way people get their games.” In the long run, he might be off, but for now, it makes sense. PC If you enjoy playing a wide variety of games, Game Pass is fantastic. However, it is less fantastic if you use it to invest 400 hours on Vampire Survivors, a game that costs $5 to purchase outright. The more committed you are in a particular game, the worse the deal gets because many Game Pass games are still more difficult to modify than their Steam counterparts.

More power to you if you belong to the faction that dabbles in everything. He may have already used Game Pass to play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Atomic Heart this year, so he’s definitely getting his money’s worth. I have a friend who plays almost every new game released by a major publisher to add the experience to his extensive mental database of videogame facts.

However, I believe that many people specialize. We tend to stick to a small number of games and rarely try something new. For us, subscriptions work best when they are used wisely. Redfall might have made it worthwhile to have Game Pass for a few months simply to fill up on it, but that’s not the case.

The most apparent financial advice out there is to cancel subscriptions you aren’t using, but for some reason I usually have to convince myself to do it by acting like Sir Gawain getting ready to go to the Green Knight for my execution. So if you need a push, here it is. And with that, I should probably go kill that Crunchyroll subscription. I just hope I don’t get sidetracked on the way to the cancel button, which will only occur if I spot a cool sword, robot, or teens who have been transported to an other realm by magic. What are the chances of that, though?

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