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How To Use XP Cards In Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has been a massive success since its release in October 2019. The game has millions of active players worldwide, and the developers have done an excellent job providing regular updates and content to keep the game fresh and exciting. One such feature that players love is XP cards, which can help them level up their characters faster.

XP cards are a powerful tool in Call of Duty Mobile that can help you progress through the ranks quickly. They provide bonus XP points for completing various tasks in the game, such as killing enemies or capturing objectives. However, not all players know how to use XP cards in Call Of Duty Mobile.

How to obtain XP Cards in Call Of Duty Mobile

XP Cards are a crucial aspect of Call of Duty Mobile that help players to gain experience points faster. These cards can be obtained through different means, including challenges, events and the store. Completing daily and weekly challenges is a great way to earn XP Cards as rewards. Players can also participate in various events organized by the game developers to earn XP Cards, among other rewards.

Additionally, the store is another reliable source for obtaining XP Cards. Players can purchase these cards using their COD Points or real money from the in-game store. The amount of experience points granted by each card varies depending on its rarity level. Common XP cards provide 5000 points while epic ones provide up to 20,000 experience points.

Obtaining XP Cards is essential for leveling up quickly in Call of Duty Mobile. By participating in challenges and events or purchasing them from the store, players can acquire these cards easily and efficiently to enhance their gaming experience further.

Understanding the different types of XP Cards

XP Cards are one of the essential items in Call of Duty Mobile that can help players level up quickly. There are three types of XP cards available in the game – Weapon, Player, and Battle Royale.

Weapon XP Cards are used to upgrade your weapons’ levels and increase their power and capabilities. These cards enable you to unlock new attachments for your weapons, such as scopes, muzzles, grips, etc. It is advisable to use these cards on the weapons that you use frequently so that you can gain an advantage while playing.

Player XP Cards help players level up their character by increasing the amount of experience points they earn during matches. This card type is beneficial for those who want to unlock new characters or improve their loadouts by unlocking additional slots for perks or grenades.

Battle Royale XP Cards provide a significant boost in experience points when playing Battle Royale mode. These cards can be used to level up faster in this mode and unlock new abilities or perks that can give you an edge over other players.

How to use XP cards in Call Of Duty Mobile 

How To Use XP Cards In Call Of Duty Mobile

To use an XP cards in Call Of Duty Mobile, go to the player profile section and click on the “loadout” option. Then, select the weapon for which you want to use the XP card. Once you have selected the weapon, click on the “upgrade” button and then choose “XP card.” Here, you will see all of your available XP cards. Select the one that best suits your needs based on how much experience it offers. After selecting an XP card, confirm your choice by clicking on “use.”

Using XP cards is a straightforward process that can help you climb through levels quickly. Make sure to check your inventory regularly for new XP cards as they can be acquired through various activities within Call of Duty Mobile such as events or completing daily missions. XP cards are a great way to increase your progress in Call of Duty Mobile. With XP cards, you can earn more experience points and level up faster.

Tips on using XP cards effectively

Prioritizing the use of XP cards is crucial to leveling up quickly in Call of Duty Mobile. It’s important to consider which weapons or loadouts you want to focus on and use the XP cards accordingly. For example, if you prefer using assault rifles, it would be wise to save your XP cards for that specific category.

Combining XP cards can also be beneficial in maximizing their effectiveness. By combining multiple XP cards at once, players can earn a greater amount of experience points towards leveling up their chosen weapon or loadout. However, it’s important to note that combining too many XP cards at once may result in wasted resources.

Stacking XP bonuses can further enhance the effectiveness of XP cards. Players can stack bonus experience earned from events, daily login rewards and battle pass tiers with the experience earned from using an XP card. This results in a significant boost in experience points earned towards leveling up a particular weapon or loadout. In summary, prioritizing usage, combining and stacking are key elements when it comes to effectively using XP cards in Call of Duty Mobile.


In conclusion, XP Cards are a valuable tool in Call of Duty Mobile that can significantly boost your progress in the game. These cards provide an instant increase in experience points, allowing you to level up faster and unlock new weapons, perks, and skins. By using these cards strategically, you can accelerate your progression through the game and gain an advantage over other players.

To use XP Cards in Call Of Duty Mobile effectively, it is important to understand how they work and when to use them. You should save these cards for when you are close to leveling up or trying to reach a specific goal, such as unlocking a new weapon or perk. Additionally, it is recommended that you stack multiple XP Cards at once for maximum impact.

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