How To Get Better At Valorant, Expert Tips for Each Agent

Valorant, as a competitive FPS game, it requires players to have quick reflexes, sharp aim, and excellent decision-making skills. However, becoming a top-tier player is not an easy feat. It takes time, practice, and dedication to master the intricacies of the game. In this article, we will provide you with expert tips and strategies on how to get better at Valorant.

How to use movement, shooting, and abilities

Movement, shooting, and abilities are essential elements in Valorant gameplay that can significantly impact your chances of winning a match. Learning how to use these effectively can help you gain an advantage over your opponents and improve your overall gameplay.

To begin with movement, it is crucial to understand the different types of movements available in the game. Players can walk, run, crouch, jump or even perform wall jumps to move around maps quickly. It is essential to practice using these different movements while playing as they will also affect your accuracy when shooting.

When it comes to shooting, Valorant is a tactical shooter that emphasizes precision and accuracy when aiming at targets. The game features various weapons with different recoil patterns and damage output. Understanding each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses can help you select the best one for any given situation.

Finally, the use of abilities such as smokescreens or flashbangs adds another layer of strategy to Valorant gameplay. These abilities are unique to each agent in the game and require careful planning and quick decision-making skills during a match.

Mastering different agents

Mastering different agents is a crucial aspect of excelling in Valorant. Each agent has unique abilities that can greatly impact the game, and learning how to effectively utilize them is key. It’s important to experiment with different agents and find ones that fit your playstyle.

One strategy is to focus on one or two agents and become an expert with them. This allows you to fully understand their abilities and use them to their fullest potential. Additionally, it’s important to learn how each agent interacts with other agents on your team, as well as those on the opposing team.

Another tip for mastering different agents is to watch professional players who excel with certain agents. You can learn from their strategies and techniques, as well as gain a better understanding of how specific abilities can be used in various situations.

Tips for playing each agent effectively

1) Sage

– Use your wall to block off chokepoints and create opportunities for yourself and your team.

– Make sure to keep your teammates healed up, especially during crucial moments in a round.

– Master the timing on your ultimate so that you can revive a fallen teammate at just the right moment.

2) Jett

– Take advantage of Jett’s mobility by using her dash ability to quickly move around the map and evade enemy fire.

– Her smokes can be used to cover yourself or teammates while planting or defusing the spike.

– Keep in mind that her ultimate is best used at close range, so try to get up close and personal with enemies before activating it.

3) Cypher

– Use your traps and cameras strategically to gather information on enemy movements and positions.

– Your trips can also be used defensively to alert you when an enemy is approaching from a certain direction.

– Combine all of these abilities with good communication skills to give your team an edge in intel.

4) Reyna

– Utilize her healing ability after winning engagements or taking down enemies to stay alive longer and keep pushing forward.

– Remember that she gains temporary invincibility when using her dismiss ability, making it a great escape tool in sticky situations.

– Her ultimate can be devastating if used correctly, allowing her to easily take out multiple enemies without taking damage herself.

how to get better at Valorant

5) Omen

– Her ultimate ability can be used as a great tool to get off the map, or if you are in trouble while trying to push into the enemy base.

– Using her decoy ability when pushing into an enemy base will help keep your real location hidden from the enemy team.

6) Viper

– A very high skill cap champion that takes time to learn.

– Her ultimate is a great tool for pushing into enemy bases, and will help you take out turrets faster than most champions.

7) Breach

– One of the best characters in the game.

– His ultimate ability can be devastating if used correctly, and can help catch enemies off guard when pushing into their base.

8) Phoenix

– As Phoenix, it is important to make use of his self-healing ability which can be activated by using his hot hands or blaze abilities.

-These abilities can also be used offensively to deal damage and flush out enemies from their hiding spots.

-His ultimate ability allows for fast movement and instant health regeneration giving him an advantage in intense situations.

9) Sova

– As Sova, it is important to make use of her self-healing ability that can be activated by using her hot hands or blaze abilities.

-These abilities can also be used offensively to deal damage and flush out enemies from their hiding spots.

10) Killjoy

– His ultimate ability can be used to attack enemies from a distance, and is extremely effective for dealing damage to enemies who are grouped up.

-He has the highest health in the game, and is effective for dealing sustained damage to multiple enemies.

Strategies for navigating maps and holding positions

One of the keys to success in Valorant is being able to navigate maps and hold positions effectively. It’s important to have a solid understanding of each map’s layout, including callouts for specific areas and angles that provide cover. This knowledge can be gained through practice and studying maps outside of actual gameplay.

Once you’re on a map, it’s crucial to communicate with your team about where enemies are located and where they might be moving towards. Positioning yourself in advantageous spots can give you an edge over opponents, such as holding tight corners or using vertical spaces like high ground or vents.

Finally, don’t forget about utility! Smoke grenades, flashbangs, and other tools can help control an area or prevent enemies from pushing forward. Being strategic with when and where you use these items can make all the difference in holding your position successfully.


In conclusion, becoming a better Valorant player takes time, effort and dedication. It’s important to remember that improvement doesn’t happen overnight, especially in a game that requires both individual skill and team coordination.

However, implementing expert tips and strategies on how to get better at valorant, can certainly help accelerate the learning process. Consistent practice in aim training, map knowledge and understanding of agent abilities are all crucial components for success.

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