How to make a Beacon in Minecraft

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In Minecraft, with a few simple steps and a handful of resources, you can learn how to make a Beacon in the game. A Beacon is an item that provides powerful buffs to players when placed on top of a pyramid structure made from iron, gold, diamond or emerald blocks. It is an important tool for those looking to increase their strength and survivability in the game. In this article, we will go over how to make a Beacon in Minecraft, from the materials needed to construction process.

Gathering Resources (Nether star, glass, obsidian)

Before you start making a beacon in Minecraft you have to gather resources. To create a beacon, players will need Nether stars, obsidian and glass. Here is a guide how to gather resources.

Nether stars:- Nether stars are a key ingredient for crafting a beacon in Minecraft. These star-shaped items can only be obtained by killing the Wither, a powerful boss mob found only in the Nether biome. Once you’ve defeated the Wither, it will drop three Nether stars which can be used to craft your beacon.

Obsidian:- Obsidian can only be found near lava sources such as volcanoes or by using water to cool down lava flows.

Glass:- glass can be crafted from sand which is widely available throughout many biomes in Minecraft.

Steps to make Beacon in Minecraft

Beacons are a useful item that can grant powerful buffs to the player in Minecraft. Crafting a beacon requires several resources and steps. You will need 1 Nether star, 3 Obsidian, 5 Glass. Here are the steps to make Beacon in Minecraft.

  1. Gather resources, You will need 1 Nether Star, 5 Glass and 3 blocks of obsidian.
  2. Now, Open crafting table.
  3. Place the Nether Star in the center of a crafting table and surround it with glass blocks and obsidian. This will create a Beacon block.
  4. Choose a location to place the Beacon. Make sure it is on a solid block and has clear line of sight to the sky.
  5. Right-click on the Beacon with an empty hand to bring up its interface. Then, use a stack of iron, gold, emerald, or diamond blocks to power the Beacon.
How to make a Beacon in Minecraft

Upgrading the Beacon

When upgrading a Beacon, it is important to understand how the Beacon works and what materials are needed. The first step is to gather the necessary items; this includes one block of obsidian, three blocks of iron ore, one Nether star, and a glass block. Next, players will need to build a pyramid-shaped structure out of the obsidian blocks with the glass block at the top. Once all five blocks have been placed correctly, right-clicking on the glass block will activate the Beacon and allow players to upgrade it.

The next step is to feed power into the Beacon by placing items in its base. This can be done by placing iron ore blocks around or below it in an arrangement known as “the pattern” – four iron ore blocks arranged like a square around or below it with an additional four surrounding them forming a larger square. Finally, place your Nether star at the top of your pyramid structure and you have now upgraded your Beacon! The upgrades from this point forward depend on what type of effect you want for your beacon; there are several options available such as increased speed or resistance for those who wish to use their optimized beacon for battle purposes.


Beacons in Minecraft can be a great tool to make the game more dynamic, and offer players additional opportunities for exploration. Beacons also allow players to teleport between previously discovered locations if they build an accompanying Pyramid structure out of Nether Blocks or Iron Blocks. Finally, they provide permanent buffs that affect all nearby players such as increased speed and damage resistance when placed in an appropriate area like atop a mountain or near a base camp. Utilizing beacons is therefore an effective way to improve one’s gaming experience in Minecraft by making navigation easier and providing helpful tactical advantages.

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